Case Study: Valley Liquor & Fine Wines Stores

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Valley Liquor & Fine Wines is a small chain that is family owned, located in Southern California. They started their business in 1988.  Since its inception, they have been serving their customers in the best possible way.  Depending on the occasion, as well as the requirements of their customers, they deliver them the finest liquor.  They understand clearly that wine holds an exceptional place in the heart of people all over the world. They serve a variety of services, such as delivery of liquor, bartending, party planning and many more services. Victor Grayr, Majority Owner, spoke with ubookoo about their marketing campaigns and the current way to reach more customers.


Valley Liquor marketed to their community two ways. They sent paper coupons to promote their brands and occasionally participated in circular print ads. They briefly tried an email campaign program, but experenced a low open rate and phased out the program. Valley Liquor has experienced a significant drop in coupon redemption. Because of the local competition, their goal is to get as many current customers and their friends and family to return to their stores for additional purchases. They also were interested in a loyalty program could to help bring customers back instead of visiting their competition.


Victor (owner) explored the idea to send text messages to his current customers. He also wanted to target customers to their preferences. For example, he wanted to send cutomized offers to customers that prefered beer coupons and the same for wine and liquor customers. The text marketing opportunity sounded like a great way to break through the clutter, and he immediately searched online for a suitable SMS service. He found that Ubookoo offered the perfect solution for his needs, and with the most affordable pricing. The option to have a Kiosk in his stores was the main decision factor for him. He did not find a Kiosk option to with any other SMS company.


After a quick installation of their VIP Club Kiosk, customers are given the option to enter their cell phone number and were automatically entered into the Valley Liquor Loyalty Program. Valley Liquor also collected contact information that starts a text messaging campaign.

Valley Liquor decided to offer their new opt-ins a mobile 10% off coupon.

Once Valley Liquor captured their customers contact information, their customers received communication each week. This kept Valley Liquor always engaged with his local customers. Customers received not only offers, but they also received contests to win store product. Valley Liquor soon set up a Mobile Birthday Club to to enhance their Loyalty Program.


Valley Liquor prides themselves on top-notch customer service. They are known to treat each customer with respect and courtesy, which greatly increases customer retention. Their use of SMS text messaging and Kiosk contributes to this “personal-touch” customer service mindset.

Valley Liquor saw their coupon redemption jump from single digits to 40%. In addition to increased overall return business, buyers respond to messages requesting information about specific products.

Because sending mass texts is so quick and efficient, Victor has been able to cut back on other, more costly, forms of marketing, saving the company money in his current, challenging economic environment. Victor was pleased with how fast and easy it is to send out a bulk message or offer.

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